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Discovering Y.O.U. Keynote

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live a life by design – your own unique design ? What if I told you that living a life of your own creation, would benefit others too? In this compelling keynote, you will get to the heart of what truly matters to YOU and give yourself permission to bring more of it into your life. You will learn how to become more of yourself, not less and how living in this manner is exactly what the world needs from you.

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Workshops To Ignite Your Inner Spirit!

Discovering Y.O.U. on Purpose. Want to live a life that feels inspired, authentic and aligned with your purpose?  It all starts with discovering your own unique set of core values and then integrating them into your everyday living. You will notice an incredible transformation as you step into each day feeling inspired, purposeful, authentic and uniquely you. It’s a journey that just keeps on giving so what are you waiting for?

Discovering Y.O.U. Chapter Two. It happens to all of us at some point in our lives when outside forces and inner yearnings combine, convincing us to forge a new path. It’s not about wiping the slate clean, rather it’s about connecting the dots from your past to your present and creating a window into your future. It’s called reinvention and when you honour that calling, enlightenment happens! In this entertaining workshop, you will explore the threads that weave your story together and discover how to use your 50+ years of experience to step into the next best chapter of your life.

Discovering Y.O.U. After Loss. Through the practice of self-compassion and trusting the process, you can and will embrace your life again. Take it from someone who knows! Together we will explore the difference between moving on and moving forward and why they are both important in your journey; the countless ways in which you can nourish your soul; and how seeing life through a new and enlightened lens will help with your healing.

Note: I am not a grief counselor. I am simply someone who has been there and wants to share what I have discovered through my own journey.

Discovering Y.O.U. on a Discovery Walk.
Have you ever noticed through the simple act of going for a walk with a trusted confidante that you feel renewed, refreshed and ready to take on the world again? Let’s get out in nature together and I guarantee you’ll walk away with some fresh perspective,  some new direction and feeling a whole lot lighter!

Note: This one on one discovery session is available as a FREE 30 minute phone call as well.

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