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Discovering Y.O.U. Chapter Two. It happens to all of us at some point in our lives when outside forces and inner yearnings combine, convincing us to forge a new path. It’s not about wiping the slate clean, rather it’s about connecting the dots from your past to your present and creating a window into your future. It’s called reinvention and when you honour it, enlightenment happens! Here, we will explore both your childhood and later life influences, your passions, interests, talents, skills, values, beliefs and pivotal life moments that weave the threads of your story together. Through this fascinating exploration, you will (re)discover how to use your 50+ years of experience to step into the next best chapter of your life.

Discovering Y.O.U. Finding Hope after Loss. What do you do when the ‘unthinkable’ happens and life as you knew it is altered forever? How do you navigate through the grief, the wellbeing of your family, the uncertainty of the future and all the firsts that are to follow? How and when will you feel like yourself again? This transformative talk will explore the power of a Silver Lining Mindset, that includes the principles of Gratitude, Faith, Perspective and Resilience, to get you back up on your feet again, not only as a survivor, but as a lifelong thriver!

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What People are Saying about Lydia

Great speakers are memorable. It’s been a number of years since I heard Lydia speak but I remember her story having a profound impact on me. I highly recommend her as a speaker. JOHN ENGLANDER Author, Oceanographer, Climate Change Expert

“Lydia is an incredible speaker and storyteller. She commands a stage and weaves together stories seamlessly that lead the audience to great nuggets of wisdom. I highly recommend Lydia for your next event – everyone in the room will leave inspired!” KATIE ZEPPIERI, Founder and Chief Brand Strategist at The MicDrop Agency

Lydia has used the power of her own story as the impetus for personal growth and connection. She shares with humility, vulnerability and insight creating relatable moments that her audiences feel drawn to. I always look forward to hearing more from Lydia. KELLY WILLIS GREEN Wealth Marketing Consultant, Philanthropist

Lydia is an incredible speaker who knows how to create meaningful impact. Her vulnerability and sincerity will have you hanging on her every word and leaving you wanting more. VANESSA YURCHESYN Complete Purchasing Services